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Pets need routine dental care just like humans. In the ideal world they would brush their teeth everyday and the most dedicated pet owners do brush their pets teeth daily! While the rest of us strive to do the very best for our pets, we often fall short when it comes to dental care. We try to rely on dental treats or chews and while the appropriate dental chews can be an effective part of a total oral health program, they don't address all of the issues and don't do anything for plaque and tartar below the gum line.

Every pet should have an annual dental cleaning and some pets require more frequent cleanings.

Here at Sango Veterinary Hospital we take dental care very seriously. Keeping your pets mouth healthy is one of the most important things you can do to help them live a long and healthy life. Dogs with dental disease live shorter, more painful lives. 

Anesthesia: All of our dental cleanings are done under general anesthesia after a thorough examination, blood cell count, and blood chemistry to determine the safest anesthesia for your pet. We use top of the line anesthetic monitoring equipment and a dedicated anesthesia assistant to provide the safest anesthetic procedure possible. 

Cleaning: We use an ultrasonic dental scaler, hand scaling, and electric dental polisher to remove the tartar and plaque that causes gingivitis and bad breath. The teeth are then polished and fluoride applied.

X-rays: We use digital dental radiography to assess the health of your pets teeth below the gum line. Most dental disease occurs deep in the periodontal space or at the tooth roots. Without X-rays we would not be able to fully determine the health of your pets teeth.

Extractions: We perform simple and surgical extractions when needed to improve the overall health of your pet. While some dogs may need several teeth extracted this is a far better option than leaving painful, diseased teeth behind. We have surgical dental drills and instruments specifically for this purpose. 

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