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How often should you take your bunny to the vet?

How often should you take your bunny to the vet?

You adore your pet rabbit and understand they need special care to stay healthy and happy. But how often should you take your bunny to the vet? Our vets in Clarksville are here to explain. 

Rabbits are wonderful companions, but like all pets, they need regular vet visits and proper home care to ensure they stay comfortable and healthy throughout their 1--12 years lifespan. How often should you schedule those vet checkups, and what's involved in route rabbit care? Let's find out. 

Routine Rabbit Veterinary Care

Like with dogs, cats, or any other pet, rabbits receive various kinds of veterinary attention at their routine checkups depending on their needs when visiting your veterinarian's office. These include comprehensive physical checkups, fecal tests, urinalysis, bloodwork, vaccinations,  and diagnostics if needed. 

When you first get your rabbit, take them to the vet around 5 weeks old. At this preliminary rabbit checkup, your baby bunny will have a thorough health assessment, a fecal test, and other tests to make sure they are healthy. Your vet will then administer any required and recommended vaccinations to your bunny to help prevent any potential health issues from arising in the future.

In future visits, your vet will ask about any changes in the bunny's behavior or health, do a physical exam, and check if your rabbit needs booster shots for previous vaccinations.  

How Often Should I Take My Rabbit To The Vet?

Generally, it's important to take your pet rabbit to the vet once a year for a checkup. This helps the vet catch any health problems early when they're easier to treat and keeps your bunny's vaccinations current to protect against disease. 

Very young or older rabbits may need to visit a veterinarian more often than that, though. Vets often recommend bringing young bunnies and senior rabbits in for routine examinations twice yearly. While your pet is in these stages of their life, they are more susceptible to illness and injury, and, as a result, more veterinary attention will help to ensure their health and comfort.

Between these regular visits, if your notice a change in your rabbit's eating habits, poop, or behavior, it's a good idea to bring them to the vet. Rabbits then to hide when they're not feeling well, so it can be tricky to tell if something is wrong. 

Because of this, if you notice changes in your bunny's routine or behavior, bring them in to see your vet for an assessment; it may be that your rabbit is feeling unwell and requires medical attention.

What Is The Cost Of A Vet Visit For My Rabbit?

The cost of your rabbit's vet visit can vary based on different things. If your rabbit only needs a regular checkup, it will be cheaper than if they need vaccines, tests, or extra exams. 

Is it time for your pet rabbit's next vet visit? Contact our vets in Clarksville today to find out when to schedule their checkup and to make an appointment.

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